Preventative Maintenance

A perfect cup of coffee requires good running and well maintained equipment, no lime-scale build up, no broken seals and no internal leakage. Temperature and pressure settings both need to be correct. Preventative Maintenance is crucial to the success of perfect coffee making in any reputable coffee business. It is a small but necessary investment, which goes a long way to keeping your machine in perfect and profitable condition, and making sure that your customer can experience the best coffee possible.


Preventative Maintenance is carried out while the equipment is still working, so that it does not break down unexpectedly. Break downs during peak trading time will result in lost revenue and a risk of losing hard earned customers.


We strongly believe that many services and maintenance calls can be prevented by regular cleaning with appropriate cleaning products and tools. Therefore, we have developed various cleaning videos and instructions on how to clean different type machines and equipment.

Here is our 10 Top Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Espresso Machine.

Also, in order to demonstrate how to carry out daily cleaning routine on your coffee machine, we have also developed a serials of step by step cleaning videos, and you can view them all in our Vero BLOGS & NEWS / Machine Cleaning Tutorial Section.

A daily cleaning routine will save you time and money as well as maintaining coffee extraction and frothing quality. We have carefully selected a full range of top quality cleaning products including Clean Express tablets, Milk Cleaner, Cleaning Powder, and Full Cleaning Kits. These can be used on both traditional machines and Bean-To-Cup machines. Please check out our large selection of cleaning equipment and cleaning detergent on our Coffee Essentials Section.


The cost of servicing should be looked at from the perspective of the cost of poor quality coffee served and the effect that his has on repeat business. Like any piece of equipment that is central to your business performance, your coffee machine needs to be meticulously cleaned daily and serviced regularly. If you have a busy, thriving location then get your coffee machine serviced more regularly so that you can build on the success.

Carrying out regular servicing will reduce the costs of repair to your coffee machine, improve the efficiency, performance and power consumption of the coffee machine and, extend the life span of your machine and protect your investment, most important it will ensure you serve the best coffee possible to your customer.


All machines will be fully serviced according to the relevant manufacturers’ specifications, and customers will be issued a copy of the diagnosis at the end of our service. We fix any coffee machine component that has a problem. We replace any worn parts and programme your machine to the correct settings as required by your coffee provider and equipment manufacturer, as necessary.

Vero offers comprehensive preventative maintenance contracts at very affordable and competitive rates. The frequency of servicing will depend on the make and model, the daily usage, the age and condition of the machine. Our competitive preventative maintenance package can start from as little as €120 per annum. If you are interested to talk to us about our preventative maintenance contract, please call us at 01-5334911 or email our customer service at


We have developed a comprehensive 20 Point Preventative Maintenance Programme, which is used by all of our engineers. To name a few points: Group Seals, Shower Plates, Group Valves, Safety Valves, Pressure Switches, Pump Heads, Level Probes etc.

1. Pressure wash machine top/bottom
2. Clean and flush solution and recovery tanks
3. Clean lint filter on vac fan
4. Clean and wipe squeegee blades and machine wheels
5. Wipe and clean all interior and exterior surfaces
6. Lubricate chain
7. Lubricate all linkage
8. Lubricate caster bearings and axle
9. Clean and check solution valves and hoses
10. Lubricate all hinge and hinge pivot points
11. Check all belts and chains for tension wear
12. Check sprockets for wear
13. Check alignment and adjustment of chains and belts
14. Check and clean batteries and terminals, then spray with protector
15. Check all gaskets (squeegee cap, vac motor, vac pot, tank inlet tub and water valve)
16. Check traction bar control spacing
17. Check all wiring connections for cleanliness
18. Inspect vac motor carbon brushes
19. Inspect traction motor carbon brushes
20. Inspect brush drive motor carbon


Water is the main element of any beverage making. A cup of coffee is 98% water and 2% coffee, so water quality is one of the most important factors contributing to the quality and the taste of coffee drinks; you can have the best espresso equipment in place and using the most expensive blend of coffee, but if the quality of your water supply is poor, then it will counteract all other elements. The most common cause of machine breakdowns and service calls is due to untreated water.

It is essential for business owners to make sure the filtration, treatment and conditioning of your water is correct. Water quality in Ireland varies from area to area, and our engineers can test your water for hardness, and recommend the proper water treatment system to suit your own individual use and your local water conditions.

One of the industry recommended water filtration brands we sell is 3M™, this range of replacement filter cartridges offers multiple solutions to help improve the taste, appearance and consistency of espresso machines.

3M P195BN specification:

  • Reduces the hardness and chlorine taste and odour in your water;
  • Reduces calcium & magnesium ions, TDS, alkalinity, CTO & Bitterness;
  • FDA CFR-21 and/or NSF compliant;
  • Filter cartridges are o-ring seal type;
  • Cartridge body is constructed from high-impact polypropylene;
  • Cartridges are sanitary in design, requiring no contact with the filter media during cartridge change-out;
  • Filter cartridge requires no pre-activation


Vero Coffee Company will manage your filtration replenishment through our cloud-based platform V Tracker. The engineer will calculate the expected water consumption and activate the filter replacement date on V Tracker. Alternatively, with most of the bean to cup machine, we can programme your machine, once it reaches the expected water consumption, a message will appear on your machine to remind you that the water filter needs to be changed. We can either schedule an engineer to replace the filter or to save our customers some cost we can deliver the filter to the site and 3 easy steps the filter can be replaced in “DIY” style.

We have many other types of water filtration products for different types of equipment also, to avail more information on what type of water filter suit your machine, please contact us at 01-5334911 or email our customer service team