Barista & Coffee Training

We follow the industry highest standard which set out by The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), and coffee training is conducted by our own SCAE certified barista trainer.

Each Coffee Training Course is uniquely designed tailored for individual customer’s requirement. Depends on the industry you are in, the type of equipment you have, and the level of your staff’s existing coffee knowledge and skills. We understand our training course need to be practical, and on trend, that’s why our training course is constantly evolving too, to make sure that we can share the latest technology and coffee trends with our customer also.


There are two types of coffee training we carry out for our coffee customers: the first one is on-site training, so our trainer will travel to your premises and conduct the training with your employee. We prefer to keep the training course small, maximum 5 trainee each session, so we can make the most out of the session and each trainee can receive some hands on practices as well. If you are a large operation, and has more than 5 employees that need to be trained, then, that’s absolutely no problem for us, we can schedule separate training courses for you at a time that suit your business needs.


Alternatively, we carry out coffee training in our office, located in Dublin 11, just 10 minutes from M50. We have two purposely built training centers, one dedicated to Bean to Cup machines and the other one is designed for traditional espresso machines.


Our coffee training course is purposely designed to be practical for business owners. We will not only cover coffee making, but we incorporate an in-depth teaching on how to operate the machine, how to adjust the grinder as well as how to maintain and clean the machine. The aim for our coffee training is all participants will acquire the essential skills to make various coffee drinks and gains competencies in terms of operating and maintaining the equipment.

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