Orchestrale Traditional Espresso Machine Phonica 2 groups side view

Orchestrale Phonica

The Orchestrale Phonica is a very stylish professional coffee, espresso and cappuccino machine, the origins of its design are inspired by legends of the music world, the lines and curves of the microphones are from an unforgettable era.

The automatic version comes with the famous E61 group heads, left and right steam wands, 6 programmable portion controls per group, copper boiler and pipes, brass fittings, frame of pure polished and satin stainless steel AISI 304 finished of methalcrylate. Individual pressure gauges for the steam pressure and pump pressure gives the added advantage of knowing your machine is within the optimum range for producing the best cup of coffee.
The raised group head version is designed to suit take-away cups.

Orchestrale Phonica comes standard with an adjustable hot water mix valve, cup surround, high groups, cup heater element and large 21 grams styled black handle, (Chrome, White and Wooden handles are optional)

The machine is made of the finest quality stainless steel and contains a single boiler with a large heat exchanger per group. The back of the machine is lit by an etched LED light and the optional colours gives the machine a very modern but classic look!

Phonica is also available with different coloured frames, with satin steel sides and back panels or painted matt black or matt white steel.

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