Marco ÜBER

ÜBER Boiler looks like a designer beer tap, it incorporates water drain, weighing scales, timer and high precision temperature delivery. It has variable manual control flow rate and joystick for directional flow.

The whole device is smoothly integrated into a work surface. The ‘drain surface’ contains a display (the ‘barista interface’) and four control buttons. The quantity of coffee and water to be used is measured in grams by the integrated electronic scales. Spilling poses no problem, as drainage is in place. The appliance was designed to meet high demands regarding the exact regulation of temperature and practicality.

• Immediate Draw Off: 6L
• Output per Hour: 28L
• Cups per Hour: 156
• Dimensions (over counter): (DxWxHmm) 470x250x400
• Power: 2.8KW/ 230V
• Weight: 24KG
• Plumbing Requirements: 3/4”BSP

 Individual Uber Boiler