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Lavazza Blue Colibrì

Lavazza BLUE Colibrì is a modern office coffee machine, specially developed for small to medium size locations, offers innovative design and features, top of its class. It can serve cappuccino, long black, latte and espresso from Lavazza Blue Coffee Pods, it also can make hot chocolate drink.

The semi automatic machine differs from the automatic Colibrì espresso machine in that you can select your coffee pod / coffee capsule – strong, mild, decaf etc.  The machine does not have a cup dropper, so you can use your paper or porcelain cup, sugar and stirrer can be inserted manually.

It is simple to use, manually place the Lavazza Blue Pods / capsules in the pod drawer on the top, and place your cup in the cup receptacle, then select the drink you want. The coffee pod system ensures the freshness in every cup. The Lavazza Pods / Capsules are made with best quality, carefully selected coffee beans, the coffee is sealed in a pre-dosed single or double strength portions.

The Colibrì coffee machine uses high quality powdered milk which is close in taste to fresh milk, but without the associated cleaning and hygiene problems of using fresh milk. This means less cleaning and maintenance requirements. The Colibrì coffee machine offers great tasting coffee without the hassles.

Colibrì can be sit on a bench or counter top or it can be mounted on a cabin base, become a free standing unit.

• User interface: 8 selections
• Automatic Steamer
• Pod Drawer
• Water Tank
• Automatic Pre Set Volume
• Plumbed
• Automatic Hot Chocolate
• Hot Water
• Payment System:  it can be set to  accept a coin acceptor in the body of the machine or change giver in the base, it also accepts a  coinless payment system

• Power supply: 230V; 50Hz
• Rated Power: 1300W
• Capacity: 140 capsules
• Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 410x 650 x 490   (height with base 1660mm)
• Weight: 38 kg
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