Lavazza Blue 2302

Lavazza Blue LB2302 Capsule machine can make up to 100 coffees a day, the capsule based system operates exactly as a ground coffee or bean to cup system. It is designed for small and medium-sized premises who require top quality coffee which is consistent, easy to make, no mess and durable. It is perfect for office, boardroom, shop, outlets, café, bar, restaurants, hotels, community centres.

LB2302 enables the user to make 2 coffees simultaneously. It is completed by fully automatic portion dosing and multilingual display. Its main advantage is its simple operation, it can be programmed to give a short, regular or long espresso. As well as producing consistently high quality espresso it can also make cappuccino/latte with creamy and dense foam.

The LB2302 comes as a hand-filled water machine, so filling it up is a simple operation. If you are in a hard water area, then the machine has a lime-scale removal and cleaning mode.

• Drawer holds up to 20 used capsules, with manual loading and automatic ejection of used capsules
• Functions exclusively with Lavazza BLUE capsules
• Water tank level control via capacitive sensor
• Water temperature electronically controlled
• Coffee button starts programmed and manual dispensing
• Graphic display with capacitive touch keyboard
• Removable and washable vertical mechanical brewing unit
• Rinsing can be started using the button on the front panel
• Activating cup warmer
• Programmable number of beverages dispensed
• Descaling, standby, washing of the unit can be done through the user menu
• Steam spout

• Power supply 230 V; 50 Hz
• Nominal power: 1600 W
• Material ABS
• Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 327x473x391
• Weight 10.5kg
• Water tank capacity 4 litres (fitting for BRITA INTENSA filter)

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