La Marzocco GB/5

Named for Giovanna Bambi and designed with classic La Marzocco styling and spirit, the GB/5 combines harmonious aesthetics and powerful technological advancements with gracious lines and curves.

Featuring PID temperature controls, solid-state relays, pre-heating system and adjustable steam flow. The GB/5 takes temperature stability to a new level, electronically monitoring all machine functions. Saturated brewing groups and dual boiler-technology inside. Ideal for the most classic and elegant cafes.

• Dual Boiler System
Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production.
• Digital Display
Intuitive programming make it easy to adjust machine parameters.
• Hot Water Economizer
Enables you to fine tune the tap water temperature for tea.
• P.I.D.
Allows you to electronically control espresso brewing temperature (±0.5°C).
• Portafilters & precision baskets
Stainless steel portafilters and precision baskets improve your cup quality and consistency.
• Pre Heating System
Increase productivity by pre-heating incoming water into the coffee boiler.
• Saturated Groups
Ensure unsurpassed thermal stability, shot after shot.
• Tall Cups
Allows you to use the machine with tall, to-go cups (+2.5cm /1in. in height).

• Cup Warmer
• Barista Lights
• High Legs
• Personalized Color
• Auto Steam

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