EUREKA mythos grinder

Eureka Mythos

Designed with innovative knowledge, the Mythos is one of the most powerful On-Demand grinders on the market.  With three individual settings for grinding, it is equipped with a particular system of a dynamometric lever and telescopic piston to tamp the coffee equally to the right pressure every time in the filter holder. 

The position of the grinding group is tilted by 60 degrees from vertical, to allow the perfect delivery of ground coffee to the handle. This grinder has an electronic dosing counter and timer, along with micro-metric grinding adjustment without stop points.  This machine features coffee pressing by an adjustable dynamometric tamper.  The Mythos is an extremely professional piece of equipment that can grind 18kg per hour.

• Micrometric grind dosing adjustment stepless (3 programmable dosing)
• Multifunction digital display
• Electronic dosing counter and timer
• Adjustable dynamometric tamper

• Power 800 watt, Engine 1400rpm
• 75mm Flat Steel Burrs (Titanium optional)
• Hourly output 18 Kg/h
• Hopper capacity 3.2 Kg
• Height x width x depth 589 x 187 x 496 mm
• Net weight 20 Kg

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