coffee queen double tower bulk brewer

Coffee Queen Double Tower Bulk Brewer

Coffee Queen Double Tower is a fast, flexible bulk coffee brewer with a hot water outlet for tea. It features digital display, full and half-brewing function as well as a signal to indicate when the coffee is ready. Brewing can take place on both sides simultaneously and the digital display shows the current temperature, brewing in progress and volume on each side.

The hot water outlet for tea on the brewing unit has virtually unlimited capacity. If large quantities of hot water are used for tea during brewing, the brewing stops when the temperature gets too low, but automatically restarts as soon as the correct brewing temperature is restored.

Brewing takes place directly in 5-litre serving stations (vacuum thermoses) with unique heat retention, temperature falls only 0.5°C an hour. The serving stations also have integrated handles and rotating function for simple operation. The serving stations are not connected to power and can simply be placed where you want the coffee to be served. A simple, ergonomic filter holder and 2 serving stations in moulded plastic are included with the coffee machine, as well as disposable filters.


• Fast and easy to handle bulk brewer with hot water tap
• 2 uniquely designed 5 litre serving stations (vacuum thermoses) with tap, sight gauge and intergraded handle grip
• Rotating function for easy handling
• Brewing on both sides at the same time
• Option for full- or half brew and brewing-complete signal
• Full brewing, 10 litres takes approx. 7 minutes
• Thermos with temperature drop of only 0.5 °C per hour
• Automatic water filling
• Stainless steel body work


• Capacity: Approx. 400 cups/h
• Power supply: 230V / 9000W
• Dimension (WxDxH mm):930 x 500 x 950
• Weight (kg): 54