Carimali Dive Traditional Machine

Carimali Diva

Carimali Diva is carefully developed in every single detail, to achieve the desired top quality performances, with a specific attention to temperature control and low environmental impact.

Exclusive patent pending coffee infusion system to set any desired infusion temperature for each selection button of each single group. Temperatures can be individually adjusted and controlled directly by the display.

Lights are essential to the machine style: they create evocative contrasts, emphasizing the refined and eye-catching design bringing out the high-class finishing in aluminum and stainless steel.


• Touch screen TFT 2.8” display
• Back-lighted capacitive selection buttons
• Dispensing area enriched by lights
• Smooth opening of the steam wand
• 2 buttons: heat and froth milk and heat milk (Available only if the machine is equipped with 1 Barista Steam)
• Cup warmer in stainless steel with electrical heating (option)
• Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production
• Programmable front and rear RGB led lights
• Up to 3 steam wands: 2 steam wands and 1 Barista (option)
• Hot water output in stainless steel, with 2 buttons for small and large doses
• Cold water mix for tea: hot and cold water are mixed to obtain the desired temperature and avoid sprinkling
• Automatic milk frother to make any milk-based drinks (only for LM model)

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