Carimali Traditional Coffee Machine Cento 50 2 Groups

Carimali Cento

Cento 50 is ideal for the coffee professional, boasting excellent quality performance at a very competitive price. Cento 50 comes with high raised groups, which is convenient for both takeaway and ceramic cups due to its integral cup stand.

The automatic version of Cento 50 comes with a left and right steam wands (2/3 group machines) operated by easily operated paddles, 1 hot water mix output with 2 programmable hot water doses, pressure gauge for steam boiler and pump, thermosiphonic heating of coffee groups and user-friendly display.
It has an automatic boiler level control during the heating-up stage. Programming is available for pre-infusion for the two first drink selections of each group; and a temperature probe (PID) can retain a constant control of steam boiler pressure.Cento 50 also features a non-return system stopping liquids flowing back into the boiler via the steam taps by means of vacuum valves, eliminating the common cause of fouling the steam boiler.

Cento 50 is available in matt black or cool white and is professionally finished with chrome and blue LED lighting and controls.

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