Carimali Armonia Smart

Armonia Smart is the perfect solution for small-scale establishments that care for high-quality standards. Armonia Smart has a very attractive design. It is available also as self-serve, ideal for office coffee service and communities. 

The user-friendly interface makes it intuitive and very simple to use: it can deliver from 8 to 24 beverage selections as espressos, cappuccinos, milk-based drinks and much more thank to the shift button. The exceptional value for money makes it the right investment for any location!

It has the capacity of producing 150 cups of Espresso per hours or 120 cups of standard Coffee/Cappuccino/Choco per hour or 40 litres of Hot water per hours.

FEATURES (LM version)

FridgePlus – Detect over temperatures of milk and consequently stop milk-based drinks; detect empty milk cartons and stop milk-based drinks
MTT Milk Pump System – An auxiliary pump, to dispense milk-based drinks at the desired temperature with a perfect foam
PowerCleaner – Assure maximum hygiene conditions of the complete milk circuit and steam boiler through an integrated rinsing system
Coffee Creator – Useful tool to be installed on any computer to set the parameters of our new generation superautomatic machines directly from the computer

SPEC (LM version)
• Voltage/Total power: 230V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.150W / 240V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.160W
• Coffee Hopper Capacity: 0.6kg
• Instant Container Capacity: 2.0L
• Coffee and Steam Boiler Capacity: 1.0L each
• Delivery Spout Range: 95-155mm
• Net weight: 42Kg
• Gross weight: 49Kg
• Dimension (WxDxH mm): 324 x 560 x 717

• MTT Milk Pump to set the desired temperature for each milk-based drink and get a perfect foam
• Coffee Hopper 1.1Kg to maximise the capacity of the hopper to 1.1 Kg
• Instant Container 3.0L to maximize the capacity of the instant container to 3.0L
• GSM System: telemetry system to check machine data and revenues, as well as update
machine parameters via remote control
• Cup Positioning to place cups right under the delivery spout
• Hopper Lock to close the hoppers with a lock
• Direct Coffee Ground Discharge to discharge coffee grounds directly into a bin placed under the machine
• Coin Box RM5: coin box for self serve payments programmable for any currency,
no change giver
• Fully integrated optional matching add on units: Carimali Intergrated Smart Fridge and Choco Unit (A01)

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