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  • Cafe Etc Decaffeinated Coffee Sticks

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    The Cafe ETC Freeze Dried Coffee Sticks Decaf Blend is premium quality coffee sticks, come in convenience easy to open packaging to suit your catering needs – to make your customers satisfied and your life a little easier. It is the perfect hot beverage solution for hotels and guest houses.

    • Individually wrapped sachet
    • Elegantly packaged
    • Handy portion size 1.4g per sachet
    • 250 sticks per box
    • Decaffeinated soluble solid coffee
  • Lavazza AMM Compostable Dek Cremoso

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    Sweet and Full-Body

    New Lavazza A Modo Mio Dek Cremoso Capsules now available in 100% Compostable packaging!

    Dek Cremoso has the great personality of a perfect espresso in a caffeine-free version. An exceptional blend of sweet and full-bodied Brazilian Arabica coffee, decaffeinated using a purely natural method to keep its fragrance intact, and then roasted to bring out its full and well-balanced taste, while preserving its body. The authentic Italian espresso, naturally decaffeinated.

    Same Great Taste, Now 100% Compostable!

    Suitable for preparations with milk.

    • Intensity: 7
    • Packaging: 16 Capsules per box | 16 retail pack per case
    • Weight: 120g per box
    • Roast: Medium
    • Compatibility: with all Lavazza A MODO MIO capsule system

    Lavazza has investing in the research and development of new technologies and instruments for continual improvement and optimisation of all its products in terms of sustainability, quality, safety and excellence. The creation of compostable Lavazza Eco Caps, a range of 100% compostable coffee capsules has demonstrated the company’s commitment to offering the best taste experience both at home and away from home.

    To guarantee an excellent taste, the “Aroma safe” self-protection technology that creates a barrier against oxygen to keep the coffee fresh, preserve its quality and guarantee an optimum taste experience for its entire 18-month shelf life.

    The ECO CAPS are made with organic compounds, and comformed to international standard EN 13432, they can be disposed directly into the food waste (Brown Bin) in Ireland. The waste will be collected and treated in composting facilities by the waste management companies, and completely biodegrade after six months.

    The new Lavazza Eco Caps, which embody the best of 120 years of Lavazza tradition, innovation, quality and taste are now available for Irish consumers.

  • Lavazza Blue Capsule Dek Decaffeinated

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    Naturally Decaffeinated, with Taste Note of Roasted Cereals and Hazelnut

    Lavazza Blue Dek Capsule contains 8,5 g* of 100% Brazilian Arabica with less of 0,1% of caffeine. With pronounced sweetness and medium body.

    Lavazza uses the most advanced decaffeination process to remove the caffeine without removing the flavour and aroma.

    Coffee remains the most popular beverage in the world with more than two billion cups consumed per day. Many people enjoy drinking coffee, but want to limit the consumption of caffeine because of perceived health risk or they have a specific health condition.

    • Origin100% Arabica blend of exquisite Brazilian coffees
    • Intensity: 6
    • Roast: Medium
    • Packaging: 100 capsules per case | 8.5 gram per capsule
    • Compatibility: with Lavazza Blue Capsule System

    Medium Body

    Hints of Roasted Cereal and Hazelnut

    Lavazza Blue has created an innovative capsule system that guarantees the perfect Italian espresso every time. It is designed for low to medium volume commercial usage, the perfect choice for the boardroom, meeting area, reception or small office.

    What’s more, there is no compromise on flavour, aroma or body with a range of perfect Italian coffee blends designed to suit all tastes. Lavazza Blue offers great choice with minimum fuss.

    The Lavazza Blue Capsule System offers a great range of benefits:

    • Wide range of blends to choose from
    • Consistently high-quality espresso in the cup
    • 100% Fresh coffee in hygienic, self-protecting capsules
    • No need for a grinder
    • Accurate stock control
  • Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated

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    Decaf Blend with Hints of Roasted Cereals and Barrique

    Lavazza ‘Dek’ Decaffeinated espresso beans is a well rounded, full-bodied blend. With a velvety crema, and Hazelnut and almond notes, you’re surely not able to tell the difference from caffeinated beans! The aromatic profile of these coffees is carefully preserved during the natural decaffeination process, which respects the true nature of the beans and maintains the strength and aromatic richness of the blend.

    • Origins: A fine selection of the best Brazilian Arabica coffees skillfully blended with natural Robusta.
    • Roast: Medium
    • Packaging: 12 x 500g bag per case