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  • Coffetek Vitale S Instant

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  • Features

    Coffetec Vitale S is a compact, versatile fully automatic machine that uses the whole bean instant coffee.  It is extremely easy to use and maintain, the perfect self-service machine for coffee services in small offices.

    Vital S can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates with outstanding consistency and quality. A perfect balance of body, crema, aroma and flavour from the first to the last cup. It has up to 7 different product selections, including hot water for tea.

    Vitale S is also a very reliable machine, thanks to Coffetek’s 30 years of experience, and continuous investment in R&D, only robust high-quality components are used in the Vitale S model.

    Key Features
    • Up to 7 different product selections: Espresso, Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Chocolate, and ChocoLatte.
    • Hot water available for tea and infusions
    • AquaAroma filters from Brita are fitted to enhance the coffee quality and improve the taste
    • Chrome plated back-lit selection buttons
    • Simple quick change graphics system
    • Intuitive user interface - Blue LCD display to indicate diagnostic information such as low water, coffee sold out and grout tray full
    • Easy to refill coffee beans and soluble ingredients
    • Easy to refill water, with optional main water connection
    • Easy disposal of coffee grouts through the removable tray
    Optional Features

    Vitale S has been designed to suit different operational business models by offering a myriad of functioning modes and accessories, and these are available made to order:

    • Free-vend
    • Exact price with validator
    • Base cabinet with/without validator
    • Cup and sugar holder
    • Proxy Product recharge card, resets machine once present ingredient thresholds have been reached