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    Caffé Molinari Cinque Stella Decaf

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    Best selling decaffeinated roast and ground coffee from Caffé Molinari. It is ideal for those who want to give up caffeine without giving up the pleasure and taste of a good coffee. Caffe Molinari’s packaging process guarantees the natural maturing of the coffee in its own oils and velvety aromas, improving the quality. A fine ground coffee blend, suitable for most of the coffee brewing method.

    A very popular decaf coffee option for the coffee shops and restaurants who have only one grinder for grinding the regular coffee beans. This ground coffee can be put directly into portafilter of the traditional machine’s group handle.

    • Roast: Medium
    • Packaging: 250g Tin, packaged in a protective atmosphere, with aroma-safe closure
    • Grind: Fine
    • Suitable: Moka Pot, Pour Over and Traditional Machine