Hospitality / Catering Tea

In Vero, we offer a complete range of catering format teas for hospitality industry.  Not only do we offer fantastic value in tea, we stock only the finest quality and most popular blends.  We especially concentrate on blends suited to the Irish palate and popular for everyday enjoyment and hospitality. The below are two Blends of tea we are currently stock:

Ringtons Deluxe 2 Cup Tea Bags

Ringtons Two Cup Tea x 550Ringtons Deluxe 2 cup Tea Bags are the highest quality East African, Kenyan and Assam black teas lended together for a full flavoured, bright and brisk cup of tea. More tea is packed into each tea bag for 2 cups out of just 1 tea bag.

Ringtons Deluxe 2 Cup Tea Bags are traditional blend and ideal for catering use or an office environment. 550 tea bags in 1.5kg bag.

Ringtons English Breakfast Fairtrade Tea Bag

Ringtons English Breakfast One Cup Tea Bags x 440Ringtons - a traditional tea & coffee merchant since 1907. Ringtons English Breakfast Fairtrade Tea Bags are blended from the finest Kenyan and East African teas, carefully selected from Fairtrade estates. These Fairtrade teabags have a brisk and smooth refreshing flavour, perfect for drinking at any time of the day.

440 teabags are packed in 1kg bag. Ideal for catering use or an office environment.

Cafe Etc Tagged & Enveloped Tea

Cafe Etc Tagged and Envelped Tea BagThe Café Etc range offers an upmarket product for your customers, allowing them to enjoy the next level of complimentary hotel bedroom beverages. This finest English Breakfast Tagged and Envelop Tea bag is made with premium blend tea, and they are individually wrapped to ensure the tea stays fresher for longer. 

Each case contain 250 individually wrapped 2 gram tea bags.