Equipment Rental

At Vero Coffee Co, we recognise every business is unique and the demands of each business are different. That’s why we provide both equipment purchase and flexible rental options that reflects our customers’ specific requirements. 

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Rental of coffee machines and equipment has become increasingly popular in the past number of years. Without large capital investment, businesses can improve their cost control, spreading out payments by renting over a period of time, reduce fixed assets. Businesses can manage their cash-flow for other essential running costs. Coffee machine rental is a low risk option for your business and a sensible option if you are concerned about managing any costs associated with owning and running a commercial coffee machine.

By renting a coffee machine from Vero, our customers can get complete reassurance:

  • We ensure all equipment rented out comply with applicable regulations and safety checks
  • We offer free servicing every 12 months
  • We cover servicing and maintenance calls at no additional charge
  • Our rental agreement period is usually 24 months, but different rental terms can be agreed

After the minimum rental period is over, businesses have the option of continuing on with the existing rental or upgrading to a newer machine. Please note that the full rental amount is tax deductible. If you are interested to find out more information on our equipment rental options and cost, please contact us today.