Commercial Coffee Solutions

At Vero, we understand the mark of a great office coffee solution provider is one that supports your business in the background. You can see the functionality of the coffee machine in your office, you can smell the aroma of the freshly ground coffee, and you can feel the positive attitude from your workforce. But you should never have to think about the logistics involved in maintaining this atmosphere. Part of the work we do to ensure your coffee machines run smoothly is to help you choose the right solution. Take a look at the questions below to understand how we can help.

Do you have a water connection for the coffee machine?

Some of our coffee machines can be filled manually. Others need to be to have a mains water connection.

How many employees do you have?

A good starting point is to work out the average number of cups per person a day. Don’t forget to factor in whether colleagues are predominantly in the office or not.  And bear in mind an allocation for visitors, if they’ll also be offered refreshments.

What’s the maximum number of drinks you would serve daily and hourly?

This will determine what is the minimum requirement of the machine hourly output.

Do you require black coffee only?

Or would your workforce prefer a coffee machine that can offer them different drink options, such as Americano, Cappuccino and Lattes?

Once you answer these questions, you can then take a look at our machine comparison table where you can view the different machines options and technical features. Or if you are still not sure what type of machine is right for you, you can read more about the different types of coffee machine available through Vero.



If you like the idea of using fresh coffee beans, but not all the hassle, then a bean-to-cup machine is the right choice. Most bean-to-cup machines need to have main water connection. All our automatic machines provide heated milk for cappuccinos and white coffee. Some of our bean to cup machines also boast an integrated hot chocolate unit. And if your budget allows, some of our machines also come with integrated milk cooler, to keep your milk stored at the cool temperature. High-quality bean-to-cup machines require certain drinks volume to be cost-effective. However, we have carefully selected a range of best bean to cup machines in the market to suit different business sizes and budgets.


These cost more per coffee than other types of coffee machines, but among their many benefits you will find they’re simple to operate and require a minimum amount of maintenance. Each pod or capsule contains the perfect amount of coffee, so you can simply buy the type with the strength and flavour you like best. We have a range of affordable pod machines, which is great for very small offices; as well as a large selection of Lavazza Blue capsule machines. Best of all, our capsule machines come with built-in water tanks, which grants you the flexibility to place them anywhere.


If you just want plain and simple coffee to fill a mug, or you want to be able to make enough coffee for several people at once, a filter coffee machine is a great choice. These generally require you to use ground coffee. Some require paper filters. Most of our filter coffee machines come with either a hot plate or thermal flask, which keeps your coffee hot without ruining the taste. The filter coffee is relevantly a cheap option. Our range of filter coffee machines are available in different sizes, so whether you prefer a manual fill or auto fill, we have all the options covered.



The right coffee will help you get the best out of your coffee machine. Whether your machine requires coffee beans, roast and ground coffee, or coffee pods, we can recommend countless blends that are sure to satisfy. What’s more, we are always happy to arrange a coffee tasting so that you can make an informed decision. Budget will be one of the main factors you consider, as price can vary depending on the blend you choose. As such, we are always on hand to help estimate your rate of cups per day and to inform you on what packages will suit your needs best.

Unbiased advice is key to building successful customer relationships, which is why you can always trust us to help you find the best coffee bean solution.


As a complete coffee solution provider, we want to provide our customer a one stop shopping experience for all their hot beverage requirements, please click links below for a full range of complementary and essentials available.
Get in touch with us by phone 01-5334911 or email to to see how we can help you to find the best office coffee machine for your business.
Once you have set up your account and have your machine installed, it’s a very simple process to re-order your coffee supplies. We do a weekly delivery run to each customer. Normally, our sales team will ring all customers who are on the next day’s delivery route to see if they would like to place an order. Alternatively, you can email or ring our office to place an order at any time that’s convenient for you.


We use the most up to date customized APP available to help us organise our daily delivery route, track our delivery progress, and capture your confirmed delivery signature. To ensure an efficient delivery service for each of our customers, we use a combination of both in-house drivers and a third-party delivery company. In this manner, we can fulfil the most urgent delivery requirements as well as ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.

Get in touch with us by phone 01-5334911 or email to to see how we can help you to find the best office coffee machine for your business.

At Vero Coffee Co, we recognise that every business is unique. While the purchase of a coffee machine is essential, for some customers rental or leasing may be a more viable option. That’s why we provide equipment purchase, leasing and flexible rental options to suit different customers’ specific requirements.  Our terms are simple and flexible, and our friendly sales team are always able to give you sound advice about which option is a better fit for your business.

We utilise a cloud-based system called V-TRACKER to store all information related to all customer’s sites, locations and machines, including the full-service history of each machine. Once the service call is logged by a customer, full faults details will be entered on V-TRACKER, and the service call will be assigned to one of our engineers, who will instantly receive a notification of the new call on their handheld.

When the service call is completed on site, the engineer will document the faults repaired, the actions taken, any parts repaired or replaced as well as any further follow-up calls that need to be scheduled or any recommendations to the customers on V-TRACKER. This detailed service report will be sent out to customers with the invoice after the repair is completed.

As full technical service history will be stored on our cloud base V-TRACKER, a copy of this report will always be made available to our customer upon request.

If your machine is not working as expected, and you need to report a service call, please phone us at 01-5334911 or email us at

At Vero Coffee Co we understand that your business is unique. Investing in a coffee machine may not always be the best option for your cash flow. For this reason, we also offer competitive rental and flexible leasing options through our finance partner. Our experienced sales team is always available to give you the best advice and identify the right solution for your business.

Get in touch with us by phone at 01-5334911 or email to to see how we can help you to find the best office coffee machine for your business.


Coffee Machine Rental is an attractive option because a lower initial investment is required. We have a selection of rental packages to choose from, depending on the type of business and your expected daily output. We offer a fully transparent rental pricing structure: there are no minimum consumption requirements or other hidden costs.

It helps to preserve cashflow

Without large capital investment, businesses can improve their cost control by renting over a period of time.

Low Risk Option

It is a sensible option if you are concerned about managing any costs associated with owning and running a commercial coffee machine.

No servicing costs

We offer free servicing every 12 months and any issues caused by the malfunction of your machine will be looked after with no additional maintenance charge.

(However breakdown caused by misuse or lack of cleaning will not be covered.)

Tax Advantages

Payments are fully off settable as a tax deduction in the year they are paid – no deferment as with capital allowances.

Flexible Rental Period

Our rental agreement period is usually 24 months, but different rental terms can be agreed. After the minimum rental period is over, businesses have the option of continuing with the existing rental or upgrading to a newer machine.

Rental Payment

We normally require our customer to pay 3 months’ rental in advance as deposit payment. We will invoice you every three months thereafter.


Whether you are an established operator who is looking to upgrade your equipment or a new start up who needs a full fit out, Vero is now teamed up with SME Finance and Leasing to offer an easy and affordable option to suit all budgets. Finance leasing can ensure that our customers receive the best deal in the market.

Fixed Term Payment

A finance lease allows a business to get the equipment they need now and pay for it at a fixed rate on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

No Major Impact on Cash flow

No large initial investment required, so you can utilise your cash flow on other essential business running costs.

Option to Purchase

The customer will be given an option to purchase the machine at the end of the agreed leasing term at a reduced price.

Easy Application Process

Getting a leasing application approved is not as hard as many people think. Once the complete application and all relevant paperwork are received, an acceptance could be issued within hours.

Repayment Example

Finance Rate per €1000 Financed
12 Months – €91.44
24 Months – €49.68
36 Months – €35.90
48 Months – €29.11
60 Months – €25.12
(Rate per month)

You Can Phone For Info

Call our sales team at 01-5334911 today, and we will be happy to discuss the full range of coffee machines that are available for leasing or contact SME FINANCE AND LEASING to find our more details on finance leasing.


For many companies, it will probably be best to buy your machine outright. Purchasing a machine can ensure you get the best price possible. It is particularly useful when you are familiar with your coffee machine and are absolutely certain it is the right one for you.

Ownership of the machine

Since you have full ownership of the equipment, you can decide what to do with it, including whether you’d like to trade it at a later date.

It’s a cheaper option

Although buying a new coffee machine requires a significant initial investment, the overall cost will end up being much cheaper than a rental or lease.

It’s easier than leasing

Buying equipment is easy. You decide what you need, then go out and buy it. Taking out a lease, however, involves some paperwork, as leasing companies often ask for detailed, updated financial information.

You call the shots regarding maintenance

Equipment leases often require you to maintain equipment according to the leasing company’s specifications. When you buy the equipment outright, you determine the maintenance schedule yourself.

The full cost of your equipment is deductible

This can be more advantageous than a lease, whereby you can only deduct the monthly payment.


It might be that you don’t like our coffee. Buying a coffee machine will allow you to change coffee suppliers whenever you like.

We offer a range of professional coffee machines rental package to business across different sectors. Our rental pricing are affordable, transparent and flexible. Here are some examples of the type of machines available to rent and monthly cost you can expect from our rental service. We can also provide a tailored package to suit the individual business’s requirement.

Package 1. Bean to Cup Machine Rental

Machine – Carimali Armonia Smart Bean to Cup Machine
Cost – €147 per month ex vat
Capacity – 100 to 150 cups per day
Drink Selections – Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate with Fresh Milk
Rental Terms – 36 months
What’s included – Free Site Survey, Installation and Training; Free machine servicing, continuing training and back up support during the entire rental period.*

Package 3. Coffee Capsule Machine Rental

Machine – Lavazza Blue LB2317 Capsule Machine
Cost – €99 per month ex vat, include 100 Lavazza Blue Capsules
Capacity – 45 cups per day
Water Tank – 4L manual fill
Drink Selections – Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate with Granulated Milk
Rental Terms – 36 months
What’s included – Machine and 1 Case of Lavazza Blue Capsules per month of your choice; Free Site Survey, Installation and Training; Free machine servicing, continuing training and back up support during the entire rental period.*

Package 2. Barista Machine Rental

Machine – Carimali Bubble Traditional Machine
Coffee Grinder – Eureka Zenith Club 60E
Cost – €135 per month ex vat
Features – 2 group heads, 2 stem wands, 1 hot water, 11L boiler capacity
Rental Terms – 36 months
What’s included – Machine and Grinder, Free Site Survey, Installation and Training; Free machine servicing, continuing training and back up support during the entire rental period.*

Package 4. Pre-Owned Coffee Machine Rental

Machine – Depends on the stock availability at the time of renting
Cost – Starting from €100 per month ex vat
Rental Terms – 36 months
What’s included – Fully revamped and serviced pre-owned coffee machine, with previous service history available through our V-TRACKER system. Free Site Survey, Installation and Training; Free machine servicing, continuing training and back up support during the entire rental period.*