Choose the Right Coffee Beans

Now, you have invested money in your equipment, barista gear and probably staff training, but are you using the right coffee beans for your machine? Beans are not just Beans, and not all coffee beans are the same, there are oily beans, light roast beans, dark roast beans, robusta beans, arabica beans… so which espresso beans are the best for you?

Depends on the type of equipment you have, whether it is automatic bean to cup machine or traditional barista machine, in order to get the best extraction from your coffee, as well as not causing any operational issues with the machine, different types of beans should be used accordingly. Let’s take a look at these now:

Best Beans for Bean to Cup Machines

We do not recommend dark roast beans which is just too oily for bean to cup machine, as the oil tends to clog the machine’s grinder and brewing unit, damage the machine also won’t provide a pleasant tasting cup of coffee. A medium roast beans, with a mixture of arabica and robusta would be your best choice. Here is our recommended best espresso beans for bean to cup machines.

Lavazza Crema e Aroma Brown

Lavazza Crema e Aroma

Lavazza Grande Ristorazione

Lavazza Gran Espresso

Best Premium Beans for Bean to Cup Machines

The coffee scene in Ireland has experienced unprecedented evolution in the past decade, we are gradually moving from tea drinking nation to a coffee loving society. Thirdwave coffee, fourthwave coffee, now with the latest Fifthwave coffee trend, consumer is no longer satisfied with offering FLAT WHITE on the menu. Coffee operators must respond to the latest trends and consumer lead changes quickly.

HOW? By improving the quality of your coffee offering, offering customers more premium coffee choice.

Lavazza ¡Tierra! SEL

Lavazza Gran Riserva

Lavazza Super Crema

Lavazza ¡Tierra! Brasile

Best Beans for Barista Machines

As Number 1 Retail Coffee Brand in Ireland in beans and filter coffee category, a very high brand recognition with its positive association with Italian Coffee Culture, makes Lavazza espresso beans an excellent choice for your business.

Consistency, flavour, quality and yield are the main factors when our customers decide on what beans should they use, and here are our best selling Lavazza beans that can tick all the boxes. Along with our technical backup service and barista training, you will be confident in the knowledge that your barista machine is producing the best coffee it can.

Lavazza Gran Filtro Italian Roast

Lavazza Gold Selection

Lavazza Top Class

Lavazza Pienaroma

Best Premium Beans for Barista Machines

The continued rise of domestic bean to cup machines and coffee pod solutions in recent years along with the greater availability of premium at home coffee and specialist brewing equipment are the major driver consumer demand for high-quality coffee. For many, purchasing beverages from coffee shops is embedded in their daily lifestyle, and will continue to drive market growth.

How can your business stand ahead of the crowd?

By offering customers more premium coffee, and here is the range of premium Lavazza blends that we recommend our customers:

Lavazza Kafa

Lavazza ¡Tierra! Colombia

Lavazza Alteco

By choosing Vero Coffee for both of your machine and coffee supply, the main advantage is not only we know the machines inside out, but we can also programme the machines and adjust the grinders according to the type/blends of coffee beans you are using, so you can get the most yield and taste from your coffee.

Get in touch with our coffee expert by phone 01-5334911 or email to today, we will give you unbiased advise on what type of espresso beans we think it is best for your machine type and we will make sure our coffee solutions really work for your business.